Emerging weed alert – Paterson’s Curse

We need your help
Strathewen Landcare have been funded for two years to control the spread of four highly invasive weeds into Strathewen:  Smilax (Bridal Creeper), Chilean Needle Grass, Serrated Tussock and Paterson’s Curse.
At important times of the year you will see our signs along the roadside reminding everyone to keep a look out and take action.  Please call the Landcare members listed below if you have any question or need help.
Some funding will be spent on contractors and herbicide to identify and eradicate Serrated Tussock, Chilean Needle Grass and Paterson’s Curse from our valley.

Paterson’s Curse
Paterson’s Curse is one of the easiest weeds to spot and if we act immediately and together we can be successful very quickly.  Paterson’s Curse, flowers during Spring through to Autumn.  It has a distinctive purple flower and produces many seeds.  Fortunately these don’t move very far from the parent plant unless carried by animals or water.  Most of Strathewen’s infestations occur in paddocks next to the Arthurs Creek but we’ve seen outbreaks along Chadd’s Creek Road and at the Strathewen Recreation Reserve.
Patersons Curse rosette

During late Autumn and Winter the seeds germinate and produce a seedling with a flat,  bright green rosette.  This is the best time to take action because the rosettes are easy to chip or spray.
Now is the time to start looking.  If you identify a single rosette then you can chip it out of the ground. Plants don’t usually occur alone so if you find one look for others.

Patersons Curse flower


If you find a Patterson’s Curse infestation then Strathewen Landcare will help with herbicide and labour.    Please call Malcolm on 0427 356 803
For information and help with the other weeds call:
Steve 0407 326 770  for Smilax (Bridal Creeper).
Bronwyn 0414 882 946  for Serrated Tussock and Chilean Needle Grass.